Creating sounds to inspire those willing to listen.

Opening minds for the freedom that is music, and the freedom it brings.
Giving people a new recognition of sound, something fresh and unheard.

Feeding those adaptive skills so they can go and create their own soundexperience based upon the processed sound, and so enlarging and intensifying their initial experience even more!

People should stop and listen; pinpointing sources of sound, so they can learn where sound originates from, learn what it's about and eventually using that knowledge to be able to produce sounds by themselfs.

How can an invisible vibration cause so much joy?
The fact that it's invisible is a proof that sound is more important than vision.
We can hear 360, but only see in a 180 visual area.

So learn to use this skill and learn to listen; become enlightend in sound!
Music as an everlasting source of energy..



He who let's the music touch his soul in such a way that the body reflects the intensity throught a series of soul-controlled motions; harmonising with the sounds, thus relaxing the body, mind and soul in the process..