Here is the section where i share the sounds generated by myself.

A unique experience bringing new things to life, creating something in the mind by organising sounds in a rhythmic journey.
I've been enjoying self-made sounds for over 10 years now, producing totally new things and playing with the experience that is music.

These are some of the pieces made during the evolution that is life.
Most have a story where only i know the true knowledge, try to find it.

The essence is to create a vision of sound and to share this vision.
This makes it possible to experience in short what i experience in full..

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* A new day (H6) (4-04-07) --> Made in Reason3.0 (v.H6 - demo7)
* Request for T (v5) (5-11-06) --> Made in Fruity6 (v.5 - demo2)
* Some say dream 4 (18-05-06) --> Made in Fruity7 (v.4 - demo1)




He who let's the music touch his soul in such a way that the body reflects the intensity throught a series of soul-controlled motions; harmonising with the sounds, thus relaxing the body, mind and soul in the process..